Thursday, March 27, 2008

03/27/08 Where is Addie???

Great question!!... I have been so busy - #1` - C.O.M.P.A.N.Y - our family and friends from the north! Why can't they visit in July?!

FCAT - can't the state of Florida schedule this test in July - oh yeah - no school! So basically March is a wash!! But to wallow away my time, I have been working on my scrapbooks. I will get these done by June!

Here is a cute layout for Robbie's baby book!

How about Easter 1990?

What about my 'sewing friends' from up north?

So if you think I have been sitting around eating "M & M's" - guess again!

Adeline B

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Clearly Inspired said...

Great layouts! I need to scrap and these have inspired me to do so this weekend. Thanks!