Friday, October 24, 2014

Day 4 of FRIGHTFULLY Creative Halloween FUN!

Day 4 of FRIGHTFULLY Creative Halloween FUN!

One of my absolutely favorite broadway plays is "Wicked".  Sadly , I have only seen it in Tampa, but that's OK!  This title was perfect for the layout that I created for an H2H Challenge in August. - Inspired by a book.

More often that not, I will design my layouts in one of my programs so I can have a visual of what it will look like when it is completed.  In this case I found a sketch on and used that as my starting point.

I actually started with scraps and then designed it in the Cricut Design Space using the included scrapbook canvas.  I also added some stamping because my layout looked naked!

As you can see it is not exactly like the layout but that is the best part!

The design file for the Cricut Design Space is here..  Feel free to use it but you must have the Mini Monsters cartridge to cut it out.  The shapes are from the Cricut Craft Room Basics which are free to everyone who has DS. You can certainly substitute any designs that you think will work with it!  Here is the same exact layout with different colored cardstock and other designs from the Mini Monsters cartridge.  I think you get the idea!

Here is this month's sketch challenge.  This looks like an easy one.  Why not give this a try yourself!  Check out the additional information on their blog here.

Coming tomorrow.....  BOO...who?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 3 of FRIGHTFULLY Creative Halloween FUN!

Day 3 of FRIGHTFULLY Creative Halloween FUN!

I hope you are having FUN!!  When I was growing up, I remember one summer night a bat flew into our house!  My sister and I were upstairs in our bedroom and my mom was screaming like a banshee!  We ran out to the hallway to see what was going on!  By then the bat had flown upstairs and we grabbed towels and wrapped them around our head and tried to beat it outside with a broom!   I am still laughing as I write this but I think we were probably freaking out then!

I am not really frightened by bats so my few bat project projects today are just fun to help celebrate the season!

The first pic is made slightly ghouly with the help of picmonkey.  This program is easy and I can make some basic changes at no charge!  Check it out here

This little bat treat box is a collection of treat boxes that are FREE when you subscribe to the Pazzles Craft Room.  To me the monthly subscription is worth giving up a few lattes!  Check out the Pazzles Craft Room site here.

                                  Halloween Treats Cutting Collection

The next project is also a free craft room member project by Joanna , the incredibly talented Pazzles Design Team member.  She is the expert when it comes to 'Print then Cut' but she also recreates some awesome projects using the existing files in the craft room.  Check out her post here for the Bat Tube favors.

I played around with picmonkey again to add the bats and some additional ghoulish effects. 

The skeleton is from the CTMH Artiste cartridge.  Since there is no shadow feature on this cartridge, I cheated and glued it onto some black cardstock and cut around the shape!

Enjoy....  tomorrow - "Which Witch is Which?"

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 2 of FRIGHTFULLY Creative Halloween FUN!

                  Welcome to Day 2 of FRIGHTFULLY Creative                                           Halloween FUN!

Who's your mummy?........

One of the classes that I taught was Child Development.  I loved doing Arts and Crafts with my high school students in class because you could tell they were having fun but just didn't want to admit it!

One year I made this Mummy Can to sit on my desk and hold little containers of Play Dough.  They were allowed to play with them (as long as they didn't mix up the colors!!)

I have no idea where this project came from as this was long before Pinterest! (It is probably a good thing because I would never have had time to grade papers!) 

This is an easy project to make - a bit of gauze, cotton balls for the 'nose' and some black, white and red scraps of cardstock along with a 6" square of Halloween paper. I purchased the paint cans from Home Depot - circa 2007.

Step #1:

Wrap gauze half way down the paint can - I secured it with tape in the back and then tucked it under in the front.

Step #2:
oh no!....  "The Man Without A Face!

Add 4-5 cotton balls and then wrap another section of gauze to cover the entire can.

Cut out the eyes and tongue and tape or glue to the gauze. I taped the paper onto the lid using permanent scotch tape. Add some ribbons to the handle and fill your mummy with candy or play dough!

The link for the Cricut Explore Design Studio file is here .  The circles are from the Craft Room Basics and the tongue is from the CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge.

But WAIT! - there's more....  for my Pazzles 'peeps',  here are the files for both the Inspiration and the Vue...

You can pick up the pvg file here...

You can pick up the wpc file here  I also created an svg file - I hope this will work!  You can pick up the svg file here.

I hope you enjoyed some "mummy' love!

                       "Going batty"

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 1 of FRIGHTFULLY Creative Halloween FUN

Welcome to Day 1 of FRIGHTFULLY Creative Halloween FUN!

When I was 'surfin' the net the other day I came across Dawn's blog post here and I thought - what a cute idea! ( She does give Dee credit, as well)  Honestly, I love the fact that so many ladies are willing to share their ideas!  Thank you Dawn for a great video!

My first "FUN" project is this French Fry Frankie treat box.  I found this Halloween decor as the perfect backdrop for my treat box at the Bernina Sewing Center in Tampa, FL. (Frankie's hair is actually black...I miss my Nikon...)

This was a quick and easy project that I designed and cut with my Cricut Explore.  Since I sold my Cricut Expressions 2, I no longer use CCR. I used the Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge but there is also a French Fry box in Tags,Bags and Boxes More 2.

Here are the sizes for the circles:
White Circles - 3/4"
Olive Circles - 3/4"
Black Circles - 1/2"

I sized the french fry box to approximately W= 5.00 and H= 8.25. You can adjust it to a size to suit your needs but you may have to enlarge the eyes and eyelids.

I hope you give this quick and easy treat box a try.  If you have the Cricut Explore here the link to the Design Space file.

Then I decided to try and design my own file using my brand NEW Pazzles InVue software.  I found a free file online and created the pvg. file for my "Pazzles" peeps!  The pvg file can be found here  The wpc file can be found here.

Here are the two 'Frankies'  hangin' out until Halloween...... The Pazzles version is on the left and the Cricut version is on the right.  The Pazzles Frankie is definitely larger and can hold the 'Mega' M & M's ( hmmm - who ate them before the photo shoot?...)

Enjoy and please leave me a comment if you want to see more!

Coming tomorrow - "Who's your mummy?"....

Sunday, October 19, 2014

10 Days of FUN!

If you really know me, then you know that Halloween is my FAV - orite holiday!  It started when my kids were little - a simple holiday,.... two costumes to make and some candy to buy for the kids!  EZPZ!

Well it has morphed into so much more since then.   I look forward to October so I can decorate my house and consume as much pumpkin 'anything' until I am sick of the flavor!

So come join me for "10 days of FRIGHTFULLY Creative Halloween FUN" October 21-October 31st...


Monday, October 13, 2014

H2H Challenge Blog Color Inspiration

This weeks challenge is a color challenge using Goldrush, Lagoon, Cranberry and Desert Sand.

Sometimes these color challenges are very difficult for me to do because I can not visualize the color combo.  But this one had tons of possibilities and I selected a card design from the CTMH Artfully Sent cartridge to work with.  I used the color palette from Design Space ( I wish they had RGB codes ) to what I thought would be the closest color match.

If you would like the Design Space file it can be found here.

The front was rather naked so I added some stamping to a colonial white mat. I stamped the "hello" from the included stamp set and the flower is from D1550 Happy Autumn.  I also used one of my favorite techniques of tissue inking to combine the Goldrush and Cranberry inks in the flower. The leaves are using another technique called Rock and Roll

Here is a video from CTMH featuring the Rock and Roll technique.

Card Front -  cut at 3.5 x 5.0"

This card is sized 3 .75 x 5.25.  I am still trying to find the correct sizing in DS.
 I hope you will participate this month and add your design to the linky found here.