Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tourist Week in Tampa, Fl

My husband and I decided to be 'tourists' this week and our goal was to eat a different cuisine each day for lunch. (we are trying to adapt to the 'empty nesters' lifestyle). Our first trip took us to Tarpon Springs - we haven't been there in a long time! It is famous for their Greek cuisine and the sponge docks. They have been harvesting sponges for years - the type of sponges used for sponging your wall etc.
My husband had a Gyro (pita and lamb sandwich) and I had the Greek Salad. The food was delicious! The weather perfect for photos and only a few pesky tourists!
Here is my layout of our day in Tarpon.


Adriane said...

That is really cute Adeline - makes me want to go to Tarpon Springs, its only 10 minutes from my parents house :) Adriane

scrappernic said...

Love this page--that's beautiful! Sounds like you had a lot of fun.