Friday, November 14, 2008

11/14 Experience FOUR seasons in less than a week!

Can you believe it? I arrived on Friday in western NY to a beautiful FALL day. So I took advantage of it and played in the leaves! My favorite season is Fall, so I was thrilled!

Then I woke up Monday morning to SNOW! I had not seen snow in 15 years and it was fun BUT only for a day! Here I am cleaning off the car - hey at least I got to wear the season's hottest fashion trend - a scarf!

Wednesday looked just like Spring - snow along the side of the road and green grass peeking through - remember? I left Buffalo, NY on Thursday and it was a cold, dark and rainy day. Yuk- this is the November I remember!

Back home to Tampa - a beautiful sunny, warm day - 80 degrees. Yeah - it's good to be back home!

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