Sunday, January 11, 2009

01/11 What is an Emporium?

I am not sure how Close to My Heart comes up with their names of their new paper packs. I think someone must be trying to educate our vocabulary and increase our success with crossword puzzles! I think of an emporium as a dry goods store with wooden floors and barrels of flour and sugar and bolts of fabric piled on the shelves. So I checked out and found the definition for Emporium.

emporium - (1) a large, retail store, esp. one selling a great variety of articles. (2) a place, town, or city if important commerce, esp. a principal center of trade: New York is one of the world's great emporiums.

This is my favorite paper pack (at the moment) and my style and colors. So you will be seeing many samples from this paper pack. This is a quick thank you card using the new booking stamp set - True Treasures. Enjoy!

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