Saturday, October 9, 2010

10/09 Studio J Halloween Layout

oh my! How did this happen?...... I think I was kidnapped and spent the last 5 days in outer space!! BUT now I have returned to BOO you!!!! Someone cast a spell on me - darn Jeanette!- and now I am hooked on Studio J! Seriously I never thought I would become a digital scrapbooker but there are sooo many benefits to this "Magical Medium" that I am hooked!

My favorite holiday is Halloween (did I tell you that yet?) and Robbie LOVED Halloween - It was the only time he would
willingly go into Joann Fabrics! He would pick out the pattern and then I would sew his costume. Do I remember the year? - NO - but now that Robbie is all grown up I can scan the 3 photos and import them into the Studio J software and 'viola' create an awesome layout that he can show his 'kids' when he becomes a dad!

(click on the photo for a larger view)


Studio J membership
"Boo" kit - members only -exclusive to Studio J
"Primadonna" Layout - exclusive to Studio J members

Remember this layout has only 3 pictures in it BUT with Studio J, I was able to add bits and pieces of the 3 photos to create 7 additional photos for the layout!

AND because I have a membership with Studio J this page only cost me $6.50 for a 2 page layout! woozer - $3.25 each page! I would have paid that just for the photos at Walgreens! PLUS I have the jpg file to share with you and my family!!!

So check out my website and sign up for your 12 month membership with Studio J and create your own one-of-a kind Halloween layouts! - or you can 'try it out' and see if Studio J is for you! hmmmm.... I bet you will be a convert as well! Look for a few more Studio J layouts coming your way during this holiday season!

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