Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter CTMH Inspiration!

Life is amusing in oh so many ways.  Me, the "Candy Queen" can not have any more sugar.  SO I have been trying to avoid all of the Easter candy that is EVERYWHERE!!  SO I am dreaming about Peeps, Spiced jelly Beans and Peanut Butter eggs.....

To stop my desire to drive to the nearest Target and buy up all of their candy, I am hopping along the internet looking for Easter Inspiration.  This cute card caught my attention so I thought I would share it with ya'll 

SO Hop on over to the Oak Island Stamp Queen's blog here to see the step-by-step tutorial for making B1402 "My Peeps"  card project. 

Help me find more inspiration???   Send me a link you find that inspired you this week!

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