Sunday, September 21, 2014

Another Sunday afternoon

Well, today I spent the afternoon scrappin' my pictures from my recent trip to Alaska!  I have 500+ pictures that I have to decide what I am going to keep and what goes away....

If you did not know this, my trip to Alaska was a trip organized by the Pazzles company based in Idaho and it was terrific!  On the days we were at sea, I was sitting in classes hangin' out with some great ladies and learning so much from the ever FAB-ulous Klo!

I am super excited because I have actually completed several of the pages to my album and I thought I would include them here.  I used the Timberline paper pack for these but there are several layouts with another paper pack altogether.

Here is my cover page for the pictures from Skagway!  OK- this is the LAST port but ...whatever!  This one page layout is  for"Alaska Cruise members" only as part of the "Projects" section of the new InVue software (I love it!)  Did I tell you we were spoiled rotten by them???

I would be remiss if I did not thank Klo Oxford publicly for lending me her camera!  I actually would not have any photos for this port without her generosity.  I thank you!!

Here is another awesome "Projects" two page layout.  If you have not purchased the new your NEW Pazzles yet, the INVue software is included. 

This layout is one I completed before I went to Alaska and all I did was add the pictures!  I should do this more often....

Last but not least is the Studio J layout that I received yesterday in the mail and I love the quality of the pictures in this layout!

I am just so excited that I have 4 pages finished and in my albumin the same month as my trip!  Can anyone else relate?

Next post I am off to Ketchikan, the first port of our trip.  I am a little backwards- oh well....

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