Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Groceries for "Empty Nesters"

Our first trip to the grocery store after Robbie left was indeed upsetting. I reminded my husband that we no longer need the LARGE size of any product ( well, maybe toilet paper!) Buy 1 Free, Get 1 Free is no longer a deal as it will probably spoil before we eat it. So here is our first bag:

4 green bananas - they ripen quickly in FL.

2 apples - one for me and one for Bruce

1 qt. of milk - I haven't purchased this size since 1974!

1/2 dozen eggs - I didn't even know they made this size!

Nutritious and good for you cereal - no more 64 oz. of Fruit Loops - yuk!

Fat Free Fig Newtons - good bye Oreos - I will miss you!
On the upside, there are not as many dirty dishes. Yes - Robbie - we are putting them in the dishwasher instead of leaving them in the sink for you! :)


Anonymous said...

Addie, this has got to be the cutest blog yet . . . you really made my day with a good chuckle!
Sharon Gepes

scrappernic said...

Ok, you need to post something new because that picture of the groceries makes me sad--LOL! I know I still have 16 more years at least, but just the thought. Of course, my bank account would be much happier and Costco not so happy--heehee! What a fun picture this would be to scrapbook :)