Saturday, October 4, 2008

01/04 Step 1 Fun with Floss

Stamp the card front with Barn Red ink and the leaf stamp and acorn from the set. Using the NEW Piercing tool and pad, stamp 1/4" holes around the leaf design.

Thread your needle (found in the piercing tool set) with THREE strands of embroidery floss and stitch a running stitch around the stamp leaves with chocolate embroidery threads. I then used the backstitch to stitch with the orange and autumn terracotta embroidery floss. I became quickly frustrated with the rather 'cheap' needle threader and so I dug out my trusty dental floss threader that I used when threading my serger! It worked like a charm!

This step may take a few minutes to complete - I'll be back!!!

Adeline B

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Erica said...

i just found your blog...great art! i have yet to do the hand stitching...may have to whip out some needles