Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas is on its way!!

Yes I know that Thursday is Thanksgiving but I am bombarded with Black Friday ads every time I open an email! Help!!! So I gave in and started thinking Christmas and I tune in every Sunday night to Klo's FAB-u-lous classes with the Pazzles and this week I actually cut something out!  BE...cause my NEW mats and blade arrived the other day and so I was ready!

This week's lesson was Christmas tree tags or cards and so I made one of each!  When I was growing up my name was NEVER on a pencil or a mug or anything....lots of  'Sandy' or 'Sue' but never ADELINE!  But now that I have my Pazzles I can cut my name out of absolutely everything and even make it sparkle and shine!

So if you have an unusual name  you can recreate your name with your Pazzles machine!  So check out my design below!
My name is the card and my husband's name is the tag! I used the "E" in my name for the tree stump and then created a separate one for his name tag.  Cool, huh??

Off to make a few more....


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