Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Adventures of Harley D.

We rescued a Bichon Frise in February and we can't imagine why anyone would give this wonderful dog away! In spite of his fleas and bad haircut, he has become quite lovable. He quickly found his way into my scrapbook room and in his first adventure he took off with a stamp pad in his mouth! (someone left it on the floor :)) The other day I was working on a page but got busy doing something else and a piece of paper landed on the floor. My husband heard him busily tearing paper and thought it was a magazine insert - he loves these! Yep - you guessed it - it was part of my page!

We both laughed so hard and I had to stage the photo to add to Robbie and Liz's page. Check out Harley in "Tearing Paper 101".

My friend Jan has a phobia about tearing paper, so she uses SU's scissors. She needs to take a few lessons from Harley - his is perfectly straight!

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Nina said...

I just love to see interaction with scrapbooking. Now to get silly our frog involved....hmmm water frog that might be tough.