Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 6 Artiste in August

If you have been hopping along, then you have just arrived from Becca's blog.  I want a baby!!  Ok - I am too old to have a baby - but I do want a grand baby!!  All of my friends have one - why can't I??!!!!  OK - enough whining for today!

I decided that instead of making the booties look like a baby shoe, I would make them look like a ballet slipper!
I never took ballet or knew anyone who did but this is what I imagined my shoes to look like!  They were a little fussy to create- I even had to drag out my sewing machine to sew on the netting!  So I do believe that I will NOT make these in large quantities!

Now it is off to see the other artwork in this hop.  Don't forget if you are hopping along with us to follow the links below to follow along with the rest of us!  Now it is off to Kathy's blog.

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