Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 18 of Artiste in August Blog Hop

It's the weekend!!!  Tomorrow is my Howdy Partner Open House and I am going crazy trying to get ready!!

Here is a close up of the sheriff's badge that I created in the Artiste cartridge.  It was not that hard to recreate.  I found the star on the cartridge and then added small circles to each end.
 I found the star in the Birthday Boy section and then added the circle - "i"- in the card button.  I then used the copy and paste function to duplicate the circle and lined it up using the arrows.
You will notice that the sheriff badges are gray or to be exact the color- Slate.  That is why the RGB color codes are so valuable.  You can set the exact color codes when you click on the color bubble in the software.

CCR has been recently updated to reflect the pictures depicted in this post.  I found a picture which highlights the changes.  HTH!

Then simply copy and paste the number of designs that you need and you are all set!  You are all ready to cut.

Tomorrow I will share the file - so stay tuned....

 Now it is off to Kathy's blog  to check out her artwork!

Here is a list of the bloggers below so you can follow along without getting lost!

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