Monday, May 27, 2013

Lately I have been having a hard time dividing my "retired" life between my two hobbies - scrappin' and sewing!  I am so lucky in that I have dedicated rooms for each hobby - one for my stamps and my paper crafts and the other for my sewing!  (As soon as I clean up each room, I will post pictures!)

I found this really cute blog - check out her 1966 picture of herself! ( Click on the picture below)

Bee in My Bonnet

I decided to post this on my scrappin' blog so I could let you know that I have started a sewing blog - Sweet Aline Designs here!  You can keep up with me on all of my other 'hobby' projects I am working on.  I love to challenge myself and now I am working on some samples for the "DesignWorks DIVAS"! class  - so stay tuned for that post!

If you are a "SS" - sewer/scrapper, please post a comment and let me know I am NOT the only one in the US!  Check out my blog to see what else I have been working on!

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