Sunday, August 4, 2013

Artbooking in August Blog Hop List

Here is the complete list for the Artbooking in August Blog Hop List.  Do not worry if you get lost- you can can come back to this post and find your way around again!


Rebecca Altamirano
Emily Anderson  
Michelle Battitori
Casandra Bennett
Gina Brandsetter
Adeline Brill       
Terry Diack        
Paige Dolecki     
Pamela Ellison    
Marie Flayer       
Shalana Glass    
Traci Godbee     
Mary Gunn        
Krista Herschberger
Kimberly Hill      
Carol Horton     
Deb Killian         
Jami Larson       
Polly Lewis        
Betty Locco       
Jean McNulty    
Amy McVey       
Vickie Odell       
Maureen O'Sullivan
Jen Patrick        
Linda Pekrul     
Brenda Rose    
Lisa Schaefer   
Jan Schmidt     
Heather Schmuckal
Jane Schoof    
Jody Spiegelhoff
Sarah Stone   
Katy D. Taylor
Amy Ulen        

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