Wednesday, July 7, 2010

07/07 CTMH Leadership Day 2010

Exciting, inspiring and NEW WOTG!! Exciting news starting February 2011 (I can't believed I just typed that number!!!) The Idea Book will now be offered twice a year - February to July AND August to January - more pages and more artwork - woohoo!! This is an opportunity for the IB to coincide with the conventions and I am excited to receive my FREE copy in the morning!

Here is a quick peak at the new WOTG Olivia (did I tell you I love that name???!) - one of the new paper packs for Fall. It has a NEW color ink listed- Smoothie!! love the food names, of course! The brochure has been redesigned as well - scrapbook layouts opened in one direction and the card layouts open in the opposite direction - you know - like those magazines that have the pages upside down......

The color of smoothie is similar to sorbet but add a little of tulip to the mixture. One of the pages reminds me of a fall paper pack we had a few years ago - brown and leafy.... The stamp set has been designed for FALL photos so plan your trip right now to the Georgia Mountains.....

I can not wait to hear about all of the new products in the morning - I will post as soon as I can!


Adeline B

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corinna said...

As always, a fabulous update! I'll check back again tomorrow for more. :-D