Sunday, July 11, 2010

07/11 CTMH Convention Day Opening Session

Oh my - what an exhausting week - but I did want to share with you some highlights of the opening session. If you are enjoying the posts, please leave a comment so I know you are enjoying them!

The next skit was a very clever interpretation of "The Apprentice"! I wonder where they get all of these clever ideas as I KNOW they do not have time to watch prime time TV!

Here is the team trying to decide who to hire and who to fire! (don't you LOVE Jeanette's hair do????)

Sales pitch - who will win????

Jeanette's verdict! Everyone is a winner!

Our NEW embellishments are always the winners.......

Check out this layout.....


Adeline B


Tracy said...

Adeline - I LOVE the updates. Thanks so much for them. I need to get me some hooligans, so cute...and can't wait to see the paper. Wish I was in DC, but these posts are wonderful!

corinna said...

Now THAT comb-over is CLASSIC!!