Thursday, July 8, 2010

07/08 CTMH Leadership Update

I ran out of steam last night so I put this together this morning......

Just a few brief notes to share with everyone! I am not as savvy with the iphone etc. since I do not own one!! :-)

Jeanette opened Leadership Day and explained the theme of convention" Picture This". Highlight of the day is restructuring the compensation plan - they are looking for our input they are not taking away the 22% discount, but other compensation points may be changed.

She introduced the 4 VP's and they each presented a piece of the convention logo.

Monica Wihlongi - Pilot program called "Leadershare" - similar to regionals - not sure of all of the details but they plan to assist each consultant with plans, power points etc....

I didn't write down the dates)
Naomi Smith - Washington
Sherry Rostlerr (sic?) - ?
Karen Morris - Las Vegas
Kathy Markoff - April 16, 2011 - Pennsylvania
Tina Sutton - Florida - April 2, 2011

Brian - VP of IT (Wings was his theme- and we each received a feather)
Studio J Snapshot - for the iphone and ipod touch :'( - not all of us have will include the paper pallette and full color pallette - he showed us his scrapbook pages....

Christine - her part was the butterfly to the logo
JCCU program will end on 12/31 - everyone will be notified by email - these are the hobbyists who have not placed a $300 order in 12 months (or in my case DL who have quit CTMH but never resigned....)

Idea Book - revisited.... 136 pages every 6 months- Feb - July Spring/Summer 2011 and August - January 2012 - to coic=ncide with conventions - $1.25 per book - ALL amounts including 10, 25, 50 etc. 100 pre prder will still recieve the 6 months of SOM. Preorders must be paid at the time of ordering and then they will be shipped to you.

Jeff - VP of Finance
Change of UPS to Fed Ex - shipping Tuesady- Saturday until 8:00 p.m. Starts July 15th!
New payment - no Propay - Chase Payment and NO fees with myctmh.....

The rest of the afternoon info is on my blog

A big highlight of the afternon was "Top 10 Best Practices for a Simply Irresistible Blog" working on that!!! :-)

Check out Google Analytics and sign up for data on # of hits etc. on blogs

Off for the morning General Session - very lonely here( I miss a bunch of you!) ..... today Toni Hinchcliff and I going to the events of the day!

Adeline B

P.S. I took lots of pictures at the general session - I will update later this evening...

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