Tuesday, November 29, 2011

12 days of Cricut Christmas starting soon...

 This year I have been truly blessed with so many wonderful friends- far and wide. How do you decide how to include all of them on your Christmas list?? Well, I decided to create 'gifts' for everyone through my blog using my god-given gift of creativity and my Close to My Heart  Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge.
You will find in each of the 12 days... gifts of paper, fabric, wood, vinyl and food. Gifts for all of you in all shapes and forms.  Plus surprise gifts for randomly chosen 'friends' who comment on the various presents I have sent to you.

I must admit these ideas are not unique to me but 'gifts' from others in the world-wide internet.  Please accept my apologies if I do not give you proper credit but realize that you are a part of my world whenever you live!

Happy Holidays!
Adeline B

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Dawn said...

This is such a clever idea, Adeline! I can't wait to see what you have in your 12 Days of Cricut! :)