Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy January!

January used to be my least favorite month when I lived in WNY, but now that I live in Florida, I LOVE January!

Why? - you ask - it was either too warm for snow or too cold to do anything IN the snow!  It was dull and dreary BUT no more!

No, it is time for sun and cool weather (OK - 80 degrees may not be cool...) but it is NOT 90+ degrees!  So with that being said, it is time to move onto the January "Make It From YOUR Heart " workshop!

This month I will be featuring the La Belle Vie paper pack....
This paper pack will be retiring at the end of this month so NOW is the time to buy it, if you love it!

Now I am sooo excited to share with you  my good news!  My youngest son is engaged to a very bright and wonderful girl named Elizabeth!  She has her English degree from Berkeley and we always check with her when I have a question about movies or books!

So here is the layout that I started with their engagement obliviously there has to be more journaling on this layout. ( all about the story...)

You will make this exact layout and instead of "Love" you can select "Family" - either one- it is your choice!  

Plus we are making the SOTM Valentine gift box as well... a  perfect gift for the perfect person!  So if you are ready to be creative then join me!

P.S.  I will have a surprise project for the ladies who have been attending these workshops since they started in the fall.  (No pictures yet - remember it is a surprise!!)

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