Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 2 Let It Snow, Again!

Brrrrr............ it was 45 degrees here in Tampa this morning and to all of us ( even this former Buffalo, NY gal), it was COLD!  But trust me I was not complaining....  It does inspire me though to create  a cold and sorta snowy project.

My gift for today is a decorated glass block.  It was very quick and easy, especially the vinyl lettering.  BUT it is important to follow the few tips that I share with you!

Step #1 - Design the lettering for your block.  I find it easier to apply a welded phrase to the block so I do not have so many 'sticky' parts!  I found a great set of tutorials from Joy on Obsessed with Scrapbooking here. 

My previous post gives you the link for the Cricut Craft Room  here - it is a very useful tool for creating your own designs!

Step #2 - Cut out the vinyl following these few hints.

Settings for your Cricut....
Speed - 3 or medium
Pressure - 3 or medium
Blade Depth- 4-5 .... the blade should NOT cut through to the bottom layer of paper backing - only the vinyl layer.

Here is the vinyl I used for the block.  I purchase it on here and it is sticker than wall vinyl ( the type Cricut sells...).  I used the silver vinyl hoping for a glitzy look... and the pic tool to remove the small pieces after I CAREFULLY removed the outside layer.

Step #3 - Carefully remove the lettering using transfer tape.. (I only had Frogger tape from my recent house painting project...)

DO NOT be in a hurry or your letters will end up in a messy ball of vinyl (ask me how I know this! :) )

Step #4 - Adhere your lettering to your clean and smooth surface....
Unfortunately the white snowflake did not show up in my photo but I did cut it out after the silver lettering....
I added the bow, tinsel and twinkling lights - it looks very festive in my foyer....

Don't forget to leave a comment or two... you may be a winner of my random 'gifts'....enjoy!


Kim said...

This is so pretty! Definitely makes the snow we got here in OH earlier this week, more tolerable! Thanks for sharing your tips, I've only cut vinyl once and appreciate your expertise

Jane O'Leary said...

Very pretty, I never thought of adding vinyl cutouts to the glass blocks, I'll have to try this, thanks for sharing.

Venia Joray said...

love it!! I am having a ton of fun with vinyl! Thanks for sharing!

Venia Joray said...

love it! Been having fun with vinyl! Thanks for sharing! ~V

Jamiecrafts said...

this is way cute too Adeline